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Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:09

6th Grade Math

Click on the following list of Study Links:


*Each link provides a pdf file with several of the study links in that unit. In the print options, it is possible to print just one page, several pages, or all of the study links for that unit.

Helpful Math Websites:

www.mathpower.com ~ Good site for reinforcement worksheets and activities.

www.msmath1.net (Glencoe Course 1) ~ Great site for Self-Check Quizzes. Several

www.msmath2.net (Glencoe Course 2) levels available for different student levels.

www.msmath3.net (Glencoe Course 3) Follows Glencoe Math Series.

www.internet4classrooms.com ~ Great site for worksheets and games! Grade levels K-8 in several content areas.

www.purplemath.com ~ Good site for algebra support. Online tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets.

www.coolmath-games.com ~ Fun game site to drill and reinforce skills.

www.helpingwithmath.com ~ Great site for worksheets and printable tables and charts.

www.cool4kids.com ~ Lots of links but could require some searching.

www.mathsisfun.com ~ Neat site with worksheets, puzzles, and quizzes available.

www.aimsedu.org ~ In Activities link, Puzzle Corner provides game ideas.

www.homeschoolmath.net ~ Lots of resources! Online tutor, online math resources, worksheets, and more!

www.learnalberta.ca ~ Spy Guys is very cool! Enter the site as a guest.

www.math-drills.com ~ Great site for holiday math worksheets, including over 6000 free math worksheets

with answer keys. Also includes other web links.

www.numberpower.org ~ Flash Movies and QuickTime movies to reteach concepts.

www.funbrain.com ~ Great math games!

http://funschool.kaboose.com ~ Another great site for math games!

www.go.hrw.com ~ Holt, Rinehart, and Winston site to support their math resources but Homework Help may be useful for reinforcement.

www.learningplanet.com ~ Worksheets and homework helpers.

www.learningbox.com ~ Lots of hands on internet activities.

www.aaamath.com ~ Online practice for many concepts.

www.mathmastery.com ~ Cyber Challenge is a great way to practice basic facts.

www.cobbk12.org/sites/literacy/math/math2.htm ~ Great practice activities to reinforce basic skills.

www.sadlier-oxford.com/math/mc_manipulative.cfm ~ Virtual manipulatives. Check it out for Box Plots,

Base Blocks, and many more.

www.aplusmath.com ~ Flashcards, Games, Homework Helper, and Worksheets.

www.edhelper.com ~ Many worksheets available. Some are free while others require a membership.

www.kidport.com ~ Great reinforcement pages to do online.

www.dositey.com ~ Printable worksheets as well as online games.

www.bbc.co.uk/schools ~ After clicking on Maths, you will find online games

and print offs.

www.mathgoodies.com http://www.mathgoodies.com ~ Interactives, worksheets, and homework help.

www.math.com < http://www.math.com ~ Online units with lessons and quizzes.

www.shodor.org/interactivate ~ Interactive games and math activities.

Google “Billy Bug 2” for a cool math game for coordinates.


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